Facilities Operative Apprentice

The FMO apprentice will shadow the Site Manager and learn the workings of a busy lower school. This will include the aspects of health and safety related to the role, including security, hygiene and physical management of the workplace.

As part of a wider site team, the FMO apprentice will learn to work effectively as part of a professional team with a range of stake holders and will develop interpersonal and communication skills relevant to the role.

The FMO apprentice will learn about legislation and processes related to the functioning of a well run organisation and will be forward thinking.

Standard Central Bedfordshire Council terms and conditions of employment, including 24 days holiday, plus 8 bank holidays, to be taken during school holidays.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1.Assists with the opening and closing of the building at the start and finish of the school day.

2.Undertake emergency, planned repairs and maintenance within capability, responding effectively and keeping records of all such work.

3.Ensures that any maintenance and health and safety requirements are reported to the correct line management in a timely manner.

4.Assists with routine building inspections of the premises and recording daily maintenance and health and safety compliance checks.

5.Assists in ensuring the grounds are kept clean, tidy and safe.

6.In the event of bad weather assists in ensuring access to the school is maintained ensuring that paths are clear of snow, ice, leaves, water etc.

7.Assists in the management of energy by checking room thermostats, turning off equipment when not being used etc.

8.Ensures that deliveries of equipment, furniture and materials are dealt with promptly and items repositioned as required.

9.Undertakes porterage of equipment, furniture and materials within the premises as required.

10.Supports the site team in assisting with daily cleaning as required ensuring that excellent standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained throughout the premises.

Support for the school

1.To work effectively and professionally with colleagues as part of a team; at all times working within the school’s policies and procedures.

2.To attend staff meetings, participate in performance management arrangements and undertake training and development activities.

4.To maintain confidentiality at all times in respect of school-related matters and to prevent disclosure of confidential or sensitive information.

5.To undertake tasks of a similar nature and level, as directed by the

Site Manager or Senior Leaders.

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