Ward Hostess/Host Apprentice


Assist in all food production and in general cleaning duties, maintaining high standards of hygiene throughout.


To provide a catering service to the patients, staff and visitors of the Trust.


1.Acknowledge and serve all customers in a polite and friendly manner.

2.Take regular meal orders using electronic tablet system

3.Receive all stock, store and check for quality and quantity; ensuring that all stock is dated and rotated.

4.Assist in all food production areas: preparation, cook and chill, ‘Steamplicity’, as daily menu cycle requires.

5.Prepare, produce and serve food to the brand standard

6.Ensure all displays, counters and seating areas comply with Company/Statutory health and hygiene requirements

7.Assist in the preparation of hospitality as required

8.Use machinery as shown and taught, ensuring that the equipment is used safely and in accordance with current regulations and company policies

9.Clean all work areas during and after use and remove all waste to the appropriate area

10.Observe and comply with all company and unit procedures relating to cash handling and security, reporting any issues to the Catering Manager

11.Maintain record of temperatures and report any variance

12.Maximise all sales opportunities through selling techniques

13.Report for duty in good time, clean and tidy, and wearing a correctly maintained uniform as per the company standard

14.Comply with statutory legal and company requirements for fire, health and safety, and food safety

15.Attend and comply with all training requested by your manager

16.Assist in all general cleaning duties where required

17.Demonstrate professional ‘best’ working practice in all your duties

18.Comply will all Health and Safety legislation which is laid out in the company’s Health & Safety Manual (COSHH procedures in the selection, use and recovery of cleaning chemicals and manual handing etc)

19.Ensure hygiene levels are maintained in accordance with current legislation and provide a safe environment for customers and staff

20.Develop good lines of communications and relationships at all levels within your team and with other colleagues and customers

21.Be flexible in all other duties and areas in response to the business / customer / management needs

22.Perform any reasonable and practical instructions as requested by the supervisor appropriate to the needs of the Hospital


-To observe the provisions of and adhere to all Trust policies and procedures.

-To actively participate in the annual performance review to identify personal development needs

-To attend Trust Statutory and Mandatory training sessions as required and any other training courses relevant to the post.

-To fully comply with the relevant sections of the Health and Safety at Work Act. They must also understand and implement St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NHS Hospitals Trust “Statement of Policy on Health and Safety at Work” and the Trust corporate “Health and Safety Policies and Procedures”. You are required to follow all applicable rules and procedures relating to Health and Safety at Work and to take all responsible precautions to avoid actions.

-To be aware of the confidential aspects of the post. To keep up to date with the requirements of information governance; undertake mandatory training and follow Trust policies and procedures to ensure that trust information is dealt with legally, securely, efficiently and effectively. Breaches of confidentiality will result in disciplinary action that may involve dismissal. You must maintain the confidentiality of information about service user staff and organisational business in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Caldicott principles.

-The post holder should also be aware that, regardless of any action taken by the employing authority, breaches of confidentiality could result in civil action for damages.

-All staff will be treated with respect by management, colleagues, patients and visitors and equally staff will treat management, colleagues, patients and visitors with the same level of respect. Staff will be supported to challenge any discriminatory behaviour that may be based on differences in race, disability, language, culture, religion, sexuality, age, and gender or employment status.

-You will be expected to undertake the Trusts’ commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

-To ensure that when creating, managing and sharing information records it is done in an appropriate way, subject to statutory requirements and agreed security and confidentiality policies, procedures and guidelines. All employees are responsible for implementing and maintaining data quality, ensuring that records are legible and attributable and that the record keeping is contemporaneous

-In accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, the post holder will actively participate in the prevention and control of infection within the capacity of their role. The Act requires the post holder to attend infection prevention and control training on induction and at regular updates and to take responsibility for the practical application of the training in the course of their work. Infection prevention and control must be included in any personal development plan and/or appraisal.

-To adhere to relevant Code of Practice of Professional body (if appropriate)

-The post holder must be flexible in the duties performed and it is expected that similar duties, not specifically listed above, will be carried out as required and may be cross site.

-The duties contained in this job description are not intended to be exhaustive. The duties and responsibilities of this post are likely to evolve in line with the Trust’s continued organisational development.

-To adhere to the NHS Constitution and its principles and values. You must be aware of your Duty of Candour which means that you must be open and honest during your employment and if you see something wrong, you must raise it. You must read the NHS Constitution in full and can download this from the Trusts intranet site or the www.gov.uk website. Hard copies are available from the HR Department on request.

-The Trust is a non-smoking site. Failure to follow this rule could lead to disciplinary action.


To possess good verbal and written communication skills in order to liaise with a wide range of staff and visitors to the department.

Must have a basic food hygiene certificate or be gained within 6 months, and to attend all training as directed by line manager.

Ability to deal with peaks and troughs of demand whilst still ensuring high standards of customer care.


Responsible for use of, dismantling and re-assembling of equipment used in the provision of the service, complying with all manual handling regulations and operational guidelines.

To provide a food service to staff and visitors using all materials and resources in the most economical and cost effective way while maintaining high standards of hygiene and customer care.

To operate a cash till and be responsible for the recording and securing of all monies.


Infection Control is everybody’s responsibility. All staff, both clinical and non clinical, are required to adhere to the Trust’s Infection Prevention and Control Policies and make every effort to maintain high standards of infection control at all times thereby reducing the burden of Healthcare Associated Infections including MRSA.

All staff employed by the Medirest have the following key responsibilities:

Staff must wash their hands or use alcohol gel on entry and exit from all clinical areas and /or between each patient contact.

Staff members have a duty to attend mandatory infection control training provided for them by the Trust.

Staff members who develop an infection (other than common colds and illness) that may be transmittable to patients have a duty inform their manager


To comply with operation manuals including food safety and hazard analysis critical control points.

Access to guidance and support from Supervisor and Catering Manager.


To lift food containers average weight of 9 kilograms, from delivery racking to regeneration ovens for cooking.

To stand for long periods whilst preparing and serving of food items.

To deal with minor complaints, recording information as necessary and referring unresolved issues to the cafeteria supervisor.

To push trolleys containing crockery for pot washing.

To lift racking containing crockery and pans into dishwasher for washing using correct chemicals following COSHH regulations.

To unload provisions from wheel based delivery cages containing a variety of goods weighing between 2.2 kilo to 10 kilo using correct lifting procedures.


To work within an area exposed to heat and humidity from equipment and possible verbal aggression from patrons.

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