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We are looking for a  Designer to join the Marketing Team of Caprice Holdings.

The Caprice group encompasses London’s favourite restaurants, from some of the oldest and most classic establishments in London to its most exciting and innovative new openings. With a rich history and long-standing reputation within the hospitality industry, Caprice Holdings offer structured career paths and effective hospitality and culinary training at every level to ensure your development and confidence grows.

The Ideal Designer is/has: 

- 4+ years of industry experience, preferably from a mix of in-house, free-lance and agency background. 

- Excellent working knowledge of Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and Keynote. 

- Confidence with working on multiple projects simultaneously, from conception through to delivery with a diverse team of stakeholders. 

- Excellent knowledge of print and production processes with strong art working, illustration, copywriting, creative and art direction skills. 

- Fundamental knowledge of motion design, animation, 3D modelling, and AR skills with experience using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Blender, and Sketch. 

- Multidisciplinary, cross-media knowledge and experience, with ability to deliver to digital or print specifications. 

- Excellent research skills with a keen eye and passion for photography, film, animation, layout design, illustration, copywriting, typography and print techniques. 

- Vast knowledge of art and design history combined with a keen awareness of current art, design, culture, social media and technology trends. 

- Ability to manage external suppliers confidently, advising on our print and digital briefs and guidelines and ensuring consistency. - Strong communication, interpersonal and workplace skills, with the ability to manage up, across, and under. 

- Ability to lead when required, and prioritise objectives to get the best out of given resources and time. 

- An understanding of and experience in designing for different mediums and the restraints and restrictions involved in a commercial business. 

- Ability to take on smaller day-to-day tasks when required without losing focus on the bigger-picture strategic pieces. 

- A highly creative thinker with a pragmatic, proactive, effective, and methodical approach to work. 

- A thick-skinned, positive-minded individual who does not take setbacks too personally, and can move on quickly from rejected ideas, changes in plans, compromises, miscommunications or mistakes. 

- General interest and curiosity in all things visual and related to design, with a logical way of approaching problem solving. 

- An original thinker with a creative / artistic flair with a collaborative approach to creative ideas and brainstorming. 

- Ability to work under commercial pressures without compromising performance or accuracy in a deadline-oriented environment. 

- A resourceful self-starter who can provide elegant and simple solutions when required.

 - A nimble, entrepreneurial attitude that compliments an expanding business. 

- A willingness to take ownership and responsibility of projects from start to finish when needed. 

- Highly organized, being able to plan and manage time and resources strategically. 

- Ability to work under pressure and produce at exceptionally short turnarounds when required. 

- Strong commercial acumen, awareness of top and bottom line objectives when designing, and prudent in regards to costs and budgets. 

- Shows willingness to 'go beyond' / exceed expectations for the campaign, the department or the business. 

- A goal oriented, growth mindset where he/she seeks actionable learnings and improvements from every undertaking. 

- An eagerness to learn from others, and an forthcoming attitude towards new experiences. 

- A good story- teller who is able to pitch well researched ideas concisely and convincingly. 

- Empathetic and emotionally intelligent, with an ability to put oneself in others’ shoes, whether it be the customer or other stakeholders of the business. 

- A patient, nurturing and respectful approach towards stake-holders who may not be as experienced or knowledgeable in design languages or processes. 

- Self-awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses; honesty, humility, candour and transparency with oneself and others.

Apply today and join us as a Senior Graphic Designer.  

We promote a working environment in which equal opportunity and diversity is recognised, valued and encouraged.

Only those eligible to work in the UK or have a valid UK work permit/visa will be considered for the role as  Designer.

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