Nursery Assistant Apprenticeship

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Shift pattens can vary each week, our opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.00pm.

19 days annual leave per year plus bank holidays.

1. To help create and develop with other members of staff, a stimulating environment to meet the needs of the individual child, being aware of the requirements of different age groups.

2. To plan stimulating experiences for all children within the room, catering for their individual stage of development.

3. To establish positive relationships with all members of the Nursery Team, children and their


4. Keep up to date with current legislation relating to working with young children.

5. Support your team members and maintain a happy team environment.

6. Working alongside other students ensuring that you remain a positive role model at all times.

7. Take an active part in Nursery projects and special events.

8. To participate in regular fire drills and ensure that procedures are correctly carried out in the

event of an evacuation.

9. Ensure that all equipment is maintained in a safe and financially viable manner.

10. To be responsible for your own learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

11. To have a vision for your personal development and consistently evidence your work through the observation planning and tracking cycle.

12. To be prompt and responsible for your own time keeping and follow our policies and procedures.

Health and Safety

1. Ensure the supervision of a safe and secure environment for all children at all times.

2. To ensure that the health of the children is monitored regularly.

3. To be aware of fire procedures and participate in regular fire drills.

4. Take the necessary precautions to safeguard the welfare and safety of yourself, staff and visitors in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

5. Undertake appropriate Health and Safety training to support safe working practice, including

where appropriate, its management.

Working with Parents

1. To observe our permanent staff in building close partnerships with our parents/carers and after full training to take upon your own key children.

2. To work alongside parents/carers of children with special needs to ensure integration with all


3. To ensure any complaint or grievance from parent/carer is dealt with in accordance with the

Complaints Procedure for the Nursery.


1. To provide a responsible and good example to children, parents and staff.

2. To undertake other duties within the Nursery at the request of the Supervisor, Senior Nursery

Nurse or Day Managers.

3. To undertake training as agreed with the Nursery Managers.

4. To attend staff meetings and training evenings.

5. To undertake regular cleaning of the Nursery toys and equipment.

6. Any other duties requested by the Managers your supervisor or senior nursery nurse.

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