Run a Stonegate Pub - The Bedford Southampton Southampton, Hampshire

About the Pub

The Bedford pub in Southampton is a wonderful and vibrant venue. With its great range of drinks and food served all day, making it's a favourite spot for locals, students, and visitors alike.

The live music entertainment adds a fantastic atmosphere to the pub, and the inclusion of retro games, a pool table, and the option to watch sports on Sky & BT is a great way to cater to diverse interests. The outdoor space is also a bonus, providing a refreshing and relaxed area for guests to enjoy. The layout of The Bedford pub, with its open design across two levels, offers a variety of seating options to accommodate different group sizes and preferences. The 100 covers are spread across large sociable tables on the top section, popular with students and large groups, and the more comfortable seating on the lower level, catering to families and smaller groups, provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. Sports fans are well catered to with the 12 large screens throughout the pub. This ensures that everyone can enjoy their favourite sporting events throughout the day. The inclusion of additional facilities such as a function area, smoking area, and a disabled toilet demonstrates the pub's commitment to providing a comfortable and accessible experience for all guests. Overall, The Bedford pub is full of joy and a lively atmosphere. Its fantastic location in the centre of Southampton adds to its appeal, making it a must-visit venue for anyone looking for great hospitality, live music, delicious food, and a memorable experience.

Regional Manager's Thoughts

Have you got the edge and drive to put your own creative stamp on this established opportunity, in the central bustling part of Southampton? Or have you got a new or established concept that you’re looking to expand to this 100-cover venue in Hampshire? The central location of The Bedford means that it is surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of Southampton. Making this opportunity very exciting for someone to inject their own flair and take this magnificent site to the next level.

Surrounding Area

The Bedford pub is centrally located in Southampton, making it easily accessible and convenient for locals, students and visitors. Being situated in the heart of the city, it offers great proximity to various attractions and amenities. Its central location allows for easy access to public transportation, making it convenient for those who prefer not to drive. Additionally, there are parking options nearby for those who choose to drive to the pub. The pub's prime location also means that it is surrounded by a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Southampton is known for its bustling city life, and The Bedford pub is right in the midst of it all. Whether it's shopping, entertainment, or cultural experiences, there is likely to be plenty to explore and enjoy in the vicinity of the pub. Furthermore, being centrally located means that The Bedford pub is likely to be easily found by those who are new to the area or visiting Southampton for the first time. Its prominent position is likely to make it a recognizable landmark, further adding to its appeal as a popular destination. Overall, the location of The Bedford pub in Southampton is advantageous in terms of accessibility, convenience, and the vibrant atmosphere that surrounds it. Whether you're a local, a student, or a visitor, the central location of The Bedford pub makes it a great choice for enjoying the charm and hospitality it has to offer.

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