Barista Apprenticeship

At Pret A Manger you will be working towards a Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship - Barista over the course of 15 months.

A Pret Barista works as part of a team in a Pret shop to ensure all Barista prepared drinks are served to the required Pret standard. A Barista should be available during all coffee trading peaks. At other trading times the coffee area should be covered by either a Barista or Team Member Star Coffee to ensure that Barista prepared drinks are always delivered to a consistent standard.

Key responsibilities:

Right Pret People: Barista prepared drink Training

- To coach and train Team Member Star Coffee and Baristas in Training on Barista prepared drinks and standards.

- To liaise with the TMT to ensure all Barista prepared drink training is planned and carried out as appropriate.

- To carry out Coffee team briefs and attend any relevant meetings, courses and conferences relating to Barista Prepared Drinks when appropriate.

- To ensure all hot drink training material is available and up to date.

- To follow Pret's dress code and be immaculately presented, wearing the correct Barista uniform at all times.

Amazing Service: Creating Pret Buzz

- To positively engage with customers and the team about Pret's Coffee story and Coffee menu to ensure Pret Buzz. To call down the queue to bust queues.

- To serve Barista prepared drinks to the 60 second standard, communicating to customers and the team when this is not possible.

- To ensure Coffee calling is clear, appropriate and consistent to the customers and team.

- To "wow" customers with latte art.

Delicious Food & Drink: Excellent Barista prepared drinks quality & knowledge

- To make all Barista prepared drinks to Pret standards.

- To role model Coffee knowledge and to maintain an understanding about Pret's Barista prepared drinks and standards.

- To be able to communicate with confidence key messages about Pret Barista prepared drinks and standards.

- To maintain milk quality and Coffee quality through tasting and weighing relevant Barista prepared drinks.

- To be responsible for the results of Coffee Confidence visits and the coffee sections of the Mystery Shopper and 3D Review.

- To role model Barista prepared drink standard updates and new product launches.

- To report any Barista prepared drink ingredient quality issues to your Manager.

- To role model an understanding of Barista prepared drinks in other retailers to be familiar with the different product names.

Well Loved Shop: Barista prepared drink counter operation, cleanliness & maintenance

- To maintain the Barista prepared drinks equipment, Barista box and daily & weekly checks to Pret standards.

- To view the Barista prepared drinks counter through a customer's eyes and clean as you go!

- To role model the 5 point check to ensure you are set for success.

- To carry out log checks, thermometer calibrations and dribble tests in line with Pret standards.

- To role model all aspects of 'health & safety' in accordance with the law and Pret standards.

- To role model aspects of 'food safety' in accordance with the law and Pret standards.

Shop Profitability: Barista prepared drinks waste control

- To manage the waste levels of Barista prepared drink ingredients.

- To action any issues relating to stock variances and waste for Barista Prepared Drinks as required by your Manager.

Growing Sales: Maximising Barista prepared drinks Sales

- To have a weekly sales target and share this with the team.

- To know your shop Barista prepared drinks sales versus total sales and the mix.

- To ensure sufficient stocks of Barista prepared drink ingredients, packaging and small equipment.

- To use promotional waste to sample and recognise customers with appropriate volume of drinks via Joy of Pret.

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