Hostel Manager

The Hostel manager is a crucial part of the business's financial and people success. You will need to have excellent communication skills and the willingness to go the extra mile. If you feel St Christopher's Inn can help you in your career, then please drop us a line and we will be in touch to set up an interview. 

Company Perks

  • 50% off stays at our accommodation
  • 50% off all food
  • 50% off all drinks
  • Ski trips
  • 2 Sailing trips per year
  • Flying lessons
  • Bespoke Training Program
  • E-Learning Program
  • Partnered with License Trade Charity
  • up to £1000 cash rewards for finding new employees.

Recognition schemes

  • £100 for employee of the Month
  • £250 for employee of the Quarter
  • £2000 for employee of the Year
  • Extensive Training and Development
  • X2 Sailing trips per year.
  • Equal tips for all staff (housekeeper, cleaner, chef, bartender)
  • Wicked incentives run centrally (last prize was a £1000 for staff party)

Essential requirements 
You must: 

  • Be eligible or have all necessary documentation in which to be legally employed in the country, which you are based. 
  • All Documentation required by any Local/Regional/National certifying or governing bodies in which to operate legally within you units’ country. 
  • Have a up to date/active bank account in your own name. 
  • Be able to converse Fluently in English 
  • Where live in accommodation is not provided. Have a fixed place of residence and live within a reasonable travelling distance of the unit. 

Customer Service 

  • To provide excellent customer service on an individual basis.  This includes working in reception, meeting and greeting guests upon arrival, leading by example. 
  • To ensure that customer service standards within the hostel both meet and exceed the standards expected and demanded by St. Christopher’s Inns. To do so requires not only a constant observation of the hostel staff both reception and housekeeping, but also working side by side providing with constant on the job training, and direct feedback. 
  • To meet and rectify customer complaints when the issue has inflated beyond the abilities of the hostel staff. 
  • To respond appropriately to all reviews 
  • To compensate and calm guests when necessary. 
  • To eject guests and/or refuse entry into the hostel when necessary and appropriate. To guide staff in the type of “walk in” guest we accept and empower them to make decisions for themselves. Giving both positive and constructive feedback where necessary 


  • Development of supervisors 
  • Ensure that all hostel staff are adequately trained to do their jobs, both reception and housekeeping 
  • Effectively communicate expected standards to all team members 
  • To enforce the rules of company conduct 
  • Recruit and train new staff, remembering to hire the personality and train the skill 
  • Conduct staff disciplinary when needed, within the company regulations 
  • To encourage and empower staff to be active and take part in and even help with the organization and execution of hostel and bar events. 
  • To provide a fun environment to work in, making sure staff is happy in their work. 
  • To enforce the rota as designated by the hostel manager and/or the general manager.  This includes knowing when they are late and following up any absences. 
  • Train staff to use CMS and J6 effectively 
  • Ensure staff take holidays when is convenient both to them and the business and not having all staff members taking holidays in March 
  • Ensure all staff have completed footsteps 1 within their first month 
  • Work with bar managers, to ensure the staff rota is completed, and printed for staff by Wednesday at the latest 
  • Ensure communication between hostel & bar/ kitchen is upheld, especially on a management level.  
  • To mediate and/or facilitate the resolution of conflicts between the staff and/or guests whenever necessary in an appropriate and professional manner. 
  • Staff Training sessions/ meetings are held fortnightly
  • Work with linen company, including stock counts. 
  • Keep the Facebook page up to date.
  • Keep on top of the desktop chat. 
  • Ensure merchandise is fully stocked. 
  • Keep all content on webpages up to date. 
  • Create housekeeping rota and schedules. 

 Site Organisation / Site Standards 

  • Maintain and improve where possible site standards and appearance. 
  • To be aware and constantly involved with the standards and accomplishment of the housekeeping staff daily, aim to achieve (set goal) ratings.
  • Conduct or ensure daily hostel checks are conducted, have any faults fixed, and highlight any cleaning issues to the housekeepers. 
  • Health and Safety checks are completed and recorded. 
  • Fire alarms are tested weekly, using a different brake glass, and recorded. 
  • Monthly fire drills are carried out, and recorded, making records of any problems, training requirements, and evacuation time.
  • First aid boxes are filled and maintained.
  • To ensure all deliveries are put away promptly and in an organized manner. 
  • To work with the general manager and all operations management to ensure that the hostel is furnished appropriately and tastefully within the reasonable budget limits provided. 
  • Complete monthly long audits, encourage staff to do them with you, so they understand the process of fault finding and improving standards.
  • To ensure that quality standards are met within all areas of the hostel.

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