Brewer Apprenticeship

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Your duties will include:

  • Preparation of all grain brewing consumables– malt, hops, adjuncts, yeast, and additives prepared according to Hop Lab recipes in preparation for brewing wort for fermentation.
  • Preparation of equipment – Cleaning of stainless steel brewing and fermentation equipment following use and sanitization and purging of air prior to use.
  • The regular cleaning and sanitizing of the nano-brewery itself to conform to the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Carry out the brewing process – Mashing in malted grains, transferring wort to boil kettle, monitor and control the boil adding hops and additives to hop lab recipes, chilling wort, transfer to fermentation vessel and adding yeast.
  • Monitor and control fermentation – rig up fermentation vessel to glycol chiller, electric heater and temperature controller to maintain desired fermentation temperature according to specific recipe, regularly sample fermenting wort and test for specific gravity, ph etc.
  • Cold crash, carbonate, and filter beer where necessary prior to packaging – packaging would generally be to commercial pressurized kegs, suitable for connection to professional cellar installation in any bar or public house, directly from pressure fermentation vessel or via brite tank but would also involve bottling via counter pressure bottle filler.
  • Following brewing, products would be sampled, and recipes adjusted along with new recipes being created, produced, and trialed.
  • Various brewing techniques would also be trialed and appraised in an ongoing improvement process.
  • Serving and working within a nano-brewery tap when required.
  • Aid with the design process of beer making including naming beers, producing marketing materials.

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