Production Chef Apprenticeship

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You should be able to try hand in different areas of food and the kitchen so that you get a feel for where are most inspired. This will guide you in choosing your future progression route.

Your duties will include:

  • Understanding how menus match the nature of the business
  • Using technology in the kitchen and understanding how technology affects your role
  • Checking food stocks and testing quality and freshness
  • Correct storage procedures
  • How to work methodically and keep your area clean when under pressure
  • Identify ingredients and use correct portion sizes
  • Developing skills and knowledge in food preparation
  • Know how and when to use particular kitchen tools
  • Food safety and the importance of high personal hygiene standards
  • When to work under your own initiative and when to work as a team
  • Knowing the role of all team members within the kitchen and how they contribute
  • The importance of costing and waste management

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