Raising the Bar in Hospitality

Written by
Nick Clover, Co-Owner Hospitality Jobs UK

26 Aug 2020

26 Aug 2020 • by Nick Clover, Co-Owner Hospitality Jobs UK

The hospitality industry isn’t perfect in many ways. It’s been guilty of under pay, overwork, bad conditions and a culture which has caused mental health issues in many.

However, there have been (and are) amazing operators in the hospitality space from past to the present as the industry evolves 'on steroids' right now. The common denominator of the great companies is that there is an ability and character to put people first (not just say but do). Think about customer experience? Of course! Run a healthy P&L? Of course! BUT the key to this is putting people first and making decisions with people individually and through teams of people every time. It's the RIGHT thing to do as a good person. Right?

Why do so many get it wrong? Answers on a postcard!

Rather than go down an unconstructive route and bash the industry I think we should be setting the benchmark high and use these amazing companies for our inspiration. Let's call those minimum standards. Whatever side of the fence you sit on it has to be our teams who come first and therefore before ourselves as we see the new hospitality industry emerge and take shape. The past is the past and we get to define our future. What was ok before was not ok and it certainly isn’t now.

To attract future talent and create even more real opportunities than before, people need to be at the top of everyone’s consciousness and without compromise in the way the industry operates from top to bottom. The best in class is the only way now and the only way that our amazing industry can thrive and be the best version of itself.

No excuses, no substitute and no way back. Forward with focus and people all the way. The industry needed a big change and we’ve had one thrust upon us.

What you and the collective do from here is up to us and I’m excited to see what the future holds. It’s not pretty but it can be great and for those of us having a rough time, it is only temporary - it will be okay. More than okay if you want it to be and the best will rise to the top and have the responsibility of leadership which isn’t for the feint-hearted.

#hospitalityproud was launched to raise awareness and a sense of pride for everyone making the sector what it is and to celebrate hospitality as an unrecognised sector. To give the chance for largely underappreciated people to stand up and say 'I'm proud to work in Hospitality' and to support others in the industry. It's very fair to say that there are things the industry shouldn’t be proud of and there are things it should be. The fact is that the future has to be better, inspiring and great for people to be celebrated from here in my humble opinion and therefore recognised as a great place to work. We need to believe that we can achieve this through real people cultures which have to be non-negotiable from this point on.

People people people people. #hospitalitylivesmatter. I might get in trouble for saying that but I care more about positive change through hospitality that are actually life changing as opposed to getting a pound of flesh. The days of putting money over people has to end and only then will the industry play from a pure and real perspective with integrity through (you guessed it) people!

Whether Director, Operational, HR, Marketing, Recruitment, Sales, Accounts, Bar and Floor Staff, Kitchen or IT we have to raise our game on the people first front because it's the right thing to do for other human beings in this short life. Whether with your colleagues, bosses or employees I urge you to treat them with respect, compassion and a bit of love. Guess what... (as well adding to someone else's positive mental health) the customer gets a better experience, which they deserve and the sustainability of the industry, attraction of future talent, growth and opportunities within the hospitality environment are like never before.

Bar raised..... needs to be raised farther with NO compromise.

  • Easy? No!
  • Achievable? Absolutely!

Bring it on, hospitality!


Authored by Nick Clover, Co-Owner Hospitality Jobs UK