Are you #HospitalityProud ?

17 Feb 2020

17 Feb 2020

Thank you so much for all your support for #HospitalityProud now let’s spread the message and let the country know that we are #HospitalityProud

Please get involved, it’s this simple…….

1. Wear the #HospitalityProud T’shirt, if you don’t have a T’shirt print out the logo from the Beers&Peers Linkedin page and pin it on your own T’shirt.

2. Take a photo of yourself with the logo (see below and if you can’t get a T-Shirt immediately print the logo off and get involved that way)

3. Post the photo on every media channel you have access to – shout loudly about your love for the industry and people in it/ those who will support us.

4. Nominate 2 x people (VERY IMPORTANT) to take part and continue the #HospitalityProud campaign as WE strive to change public perception while being taken seriously by the government in economic decisions.

If you don’t work in hospitality we absolutely need you to take part to support your family & friends and you too can be #HospitalityProud………

Give your t-shirt or logo to your friend, relative, babies, cats, dogs….. you get the picture and get them to post “my ....... works in Hospitality and I’m #HospitalityProud” and do the same as above.

So download the logo today and 'Social it! The message; I am #hospitalityproud