What is a Chef and Why Choose a Chef Career?

27 Jan 2020

27 Jan 2020

A chef is someone who is in the profession of preparing, cooking and presenting food. A chef can also be very innovative with food, creating new dishes, deciding what the specials of the day will be, and putting together an exciting menu. There are many different types of chefs out there. From entry level to the boss, each chef role in the kitchen will build your own culinary career.

So, what types of chefs are there?

  • Commis Chef
  • Station Chef (Chef de Partie)
  • Sous Chef
  • Executive Chef (or Head Chef)
  • Expediter
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Pastry Chef (or Pâtissier)
  • Saucier
  • Fish Cook (or Poissonier)
  • Vegetable Cook (or Entremetier)
  • Meat Cook (or Rotisseur)
  • Pantry Chef (or Chef Garde Manger)

Why Choose a Chef Career?

For many, work is a something you do to earn money, for Chefs work is their passion. If you love to cook and are passionate about food then why not develop your interest in cooking and turn it into your career. Here are just ten of the many fantastic reasons to become a chef.

  1. It is a Fantastic Career:

If you love food and cooking why not make a career out of it by becoming a professional . As well as the job satisfaction, being a offers great career progression from Commis to Demi then de Partie, Sous , de Cuisine and finally Executive . You also have the option of taking your career to various venues including; restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering companies and corporate events.

  1. It's a growth-industry job:

People will always want to eat out and as the hospitality industry is growing year on year, there will be many new and challenging positions on offer.

  1. Take your career global:

Wherever you choose to live, finding work as a will always be an option. Whether you fancy preparing luxury meals on a cruise ship, a career as a is highly portable!

  1. You can specialise:

Most learn by preparing and cooking all kinds of food, and some are happy to pursue that path. However, there's plenty of opportunity to specialise if you discover a burning passion for Mexican, Thai or even desserts – where you become a pastry , there are plenty of options to branch out and challenge yourself.

  1. Self-employment – start your own Restaurant:

Most are extremely passionate about what they do and many of them choose to branch out on their own and set up their own restaurant.

  1. It's creative:

Plating up food and creating new dishes is an art in itself, so a great profession for those that are creative. often create new menus and to add new special dishes to menus weekly as well.

  1. You make people happy:

People love eating out, so whether you are helping make a special event happier or a lunchtime meal more delicious, it's good to know your work is being appreciated.

  1. Never a dull moment:

Working in a kitchen can be challenging as you are under pressure to deliver and spend a lot of time on your feet. However if you are fast and good at what you do, being a can be a real buzz and a highly rewarding career.

  1. You don’t have to wear a suit!:

No uncomfortable ties, heels or business suits - whites will leave more salary in your pockets!

  1. Varied hours:
  2. work a variety of hours depending on where you choose to work. Some restaurants are only open at night, others during the day. Catering companies work shifts and corporate catering will see you working 9 to 5 hrs. Set your hours depending on your lifestyle!

There's no one thing that makes being a chef a great career option, if you truly love what you do, you will be successful!

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