The Power of our Apprentices in Hospitality featuring our very own Katie James from Hospitality Jobs

Written by
Nick Clover - Director & Katie James - Marketing Executive at Hospitality Jobs UK

04 Dec 2019

04 Dec 2019 • by Nick Clover - Director & Katie James - Marketing Executive at Hospitality Jobs UK

Having attended the amazing HIT Training lunch last week it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with hospitality professionals who believe in the importance of Apprentice Schemes throughout their business.

We literally enjoyed the fruits of their labour, eating delicious food, tasting beautifully paired wine and enjoying warm and knowledgeable service. I was blown away by the standard of food and as blown away by the presentation and explanation of the food and wine. Tip top knowledge and to a person the presentation and delivery was premier league….

What really impressed me about the apprentices was their confidence well out of their comfort zone which will play a big part in their development as they strive to successfully improve. There are some very bright futures in these individuals and my reasoning for knowing this is because they were cooking for and serving a high profile audience including their employers and didn’t they just step up to the challenge. Any nerves, because they would have been there, didn’t show… great job!

I seem to be using the word inspiring a lot recently and this certainly was. Credit to Jill Whittaker and her Team at HIT and for all the employers who attended and showed off their amazing stars. The more case successful case studies hospitality has to show off, the more our current apprentices are leading the way for the future in attracting great people into our industry.

At Hospitality Jobs UK we are delighted to have a great case study, Apprentice Turned Sales Exec, 2 x promotions since she’s joined and a great role model for budding apprentices for her strong work ethic, ability to learn and keen attitude. And she’s a great young lady, Katie James who has stepped up in a big way. I’m with Katie and here are a couple of questions:

Q- So Katie, it’s probably best to ask you how you heard about HIT Training and how your experience was when getting your opportunity at Hospitality Jobs UK?

A- Dawn Redman introduced me to HIT Training who has a long standing partnership with Hospitality Jobs UK, this took place during my first interview to work as an apprentice at Hospitality Jobs UK which of course filled me with excitement to be a part of a successful and growing company as well as working for the first time in a full time role! My career was about to kick start, and looking back today on my first day and even my first interview it feels like yesterday! How time flies!

Q- What did you need to do to achieve accreditation and how was the support from HIT and HJUK?

A- To achieve my certifications in Business Administration I completed a 1 year apprenticeship course. This 1 year course included ‘homework’ tasks assigned every month following visits from my assigned tutor (Nicola Robinson – amazing support and thank you again Nicola) – I took part in  online exams and also an external ICT exam to gain a basic qualification in IT. The support from both HIT Training and Hospitality Jobs UK was amazing, I was given the time set aside from my day-to-day duties to complete my apprenticeship homework and revision. The support and guidance I received from both parties also was immense.

Q- You joined before I did Katie- describe your time at HJUK for us all please?

A- Where do I start?.. Hospitality Jobs UK has been a huge part of my life for almost 4 years now and wow am I proud to be a part of it. From an apprentice to now receiving a second promotion within the company, its been incredible and continues to be exactly that. The company is growing from strength to strength- specifically since the re-launch at The House of Commons back in March, which again has been a huge highlight in my career so far. The people, the industry, the success of HJUK and the hospitality industry as a whole are all things I have been a part of at Hospitality Jobs UK so far and the future is exciting...

Thank you so much Katie.

I also need to recognise HIT with more amazing work as they raised over £7,000 to support Greg Mangham’s Only A Pavement Away in support of an incredible industry charity and initiative.

Amazing and we’d love to hear about other inspirational young people in your business in recognition of what they’ve achieved so far?