What good looks like in Hospitality Globally featuring Giordana Annibal, Brewhouse and Kitchen.

Written by
Nick Clover - Director of Hospitality Jobs UK
Brewhouse & Kitchen

08 Nov 2019

08 Nov 2019 • by Nick Clover - Director of Hospitality Jobs UK

In theme with attracting people to the UK Hospitality Job market I’m going to talk about a recent experience with the thought process of ‘this is what good looks like in hospitality’, and what the next generation can aspire to and what the existing workforce in UK Hospitality Jobs market can also aspire to.

So, with an upcoming and exciting life event coming up, my partner and I took a lovely short holiday to Mauritius where the people were lovely and as a French speaking country have cultural and culinary influences from India, Asia and Africa. My partner, who partly originates from Mauritius and who also works in the amazing Hospitality Sector can probably sum up the experience better than I can.

Q- So tell me Giordana, apart from the amazing company you shared(!) what was so amazing about the hospitality that we experienced in Mauritius?


  • Effortless, not sub servant service that you may see in other luxury resorts
  • Genuine/simple service & anticipation of your needs before you knew them yourself
  • Attention to detail makes you great, wow Lux take this very fond hospitality saying to the next level!! Tiny details from their branding on pens (tiny star at the top of the pen), stamps in the ashtrays for smokers (we need to be inclusive), to date of birth on the booking to ensure a birthday celebration is special & every member of staff that Nick encountered that day wished him a happy birthday!
  • Food, simply stunning in every restaurant. The diverse culture that Mauritius has to offer, impacts on the amazing cuisine that we experienced.

Q- Why do you think they got it so right? (culture, people Lux … or simply that we were on holiday)

A. I firmly believe, after a couple of visits to Mauritius & having a family connection that is the people & their culture that make it that extra special. Mauritius is a place where people smile & are happy people, but it has to be said that this is also the kind of culture that runs through Lux, with their company # being #smileallthestay. They really are about ensuring each & every guest has an amazing experience. The kids are well looked after & catered for unlike any family resort I have seen. Not many holiday resorts can do luxury for the whole family, but Lux do!! Happy kids = happy parents right! Will be sure to holiday again with our little one in the very near future. They provide bottle warmers/baby food/changing table/bottles/travel cot – so making traveling with a little one as pain free (and a lot less luggage)Their app is very useful to make reservations in all the restaurants, look at the menus, book classes for the numerous activities they hold & ask concierge a question at any time

Q- What could we, in the UK Hospitality Market learn as we consistently improve as a growing industry?

A. That it’s all about making people smile, no matter what!! Experience is key, anticipate what a guest needs before they do & being human, not robotic.

Back to me- I personally found it incredibly inspiring and coming back into a job that I love, in an industry that I love and which shares a key value- improving. Let’s keep improving and attracting people from schools, to graduates, internationally, from challenged backgrounds and of all ages as we strive to be ‘what good likes’ here in the UK as part of the Global Hospitality Market.

I strongly believe that what we experienced is what good looks like in hospitality and the small touches make all the difference. Making people feel like a million dollars and genuinely caring about how a guest feels is crucial and caring about every part of their experience. Yes, we have a long way to go but if you don’t strive for the top why are we doing it.

Let’s be what good looks like in hospitality in everything we do and it all starts with our people.


Brewhouse & Kitchen