Success in the hospitality industry, a life changing profession?

Written by
Nick Clover - Director of Hospitality Jobs UK

22 Oct 2019

22 Oct 2019 • by Nick Clover - Director of Hospitality Jobs UK

The UK Hospitality Industry turns over an impressive £130 Billion which is an impressive contribution the UK Economy and we find ourselves surrounded by great initiatives. Supporting campaigns to increase the level of hospitality education through the school curriculum and encouraging people of all ages to seriously consider career opportunities in the hospitality industry fit the Springboard and Only A Pavement Away Charity Initiatives.

Having heard about the Springboard Ambassador program from my amazing colleague, Vicky Glover who attended the workshop, it’s amazing to see the leadership of Springboard to educate great people before they fly the hospitality flag and go into schools to talk about the amazing experiences and opportunities that the hospitality industry holds.

Personally, I had the opportunity to go into a London Prison last week and saw the education system inside the jail, specifically the catering side which has minor offenders ready to enter back into society equipped with an NVQ and relevant kitchen/ service experience ready for the new chapter of their lives and a new career.

It’s great that Only a Pavement Away initiate this and to see Brewhouse and Kitchen, Hand Picked Hotels, Gaucho and The Casual Dining Group (to name a few) engage with inmates with the view of employing them on their release was nothing short of brilliant.

If I still had my pub, I’d definitely be taking a couple of the lads on and in particular (I won’t mention his name) the chap who made the best ice cream I’ve ever had bar none. His attitude and likability was spot on and as he explained how he’d made the ice cream I thought to myself – wow – this lad could do well with the right mentor and focus.

This is life changing stuff and I love the fact that the hospitality industry is so positive, varied and filled with success stories of different natures and for different reasons.

As I near the end of my train journey I’ll be heading over to meet Julia Murrell. Director of People and Development from Firmdale Hotels who operate some of London’s Best Hotels to discuss opportunities within Hotels and the Opportunity to have a Great Hospitality Career.

I am incredibly excited to release this interview with Julia which will give you a huge insight into how Firmdale Hotels work so hard to provide a great place to work, for anyone, no matter what background. The people support is something to be shouted about and a big reason to support the fact that the hospitality industry – specifically focusing on Hotel Careers and why they are worth pursuing at any level.