Seeing hospitality as a credible career option

Written by
Nick Clover

20 Mar 2019

20 Mar 2019 • by Nick Clover

When talking about careers, hospitality isn’t the first choice that comes to mind for a lot of us. If we look at the younger generation, one third of parents would actively discourage their child from a career in hospitality (source: Big Hospitality). This high statistic can be due to the lack of knowledge or understanding of what the industry has to offer when it comes to careers.

This article is going to look at why a career in hospitality is a credible route to go down and how it can give you many years of job satisfaction and progression.

Why should I start a career in hospitality?

Hospitality is a thriving industry. Even through a tougher economic climate, the industry continues to grow here in the UK here. In 2018, the sector had a turnover of £100 billion (source: The Caterer) proving, that even in economic uncertainty, it is continuing to be a stable sector. As the industry grows, now can be a great time to kick start your career within such a vibrant industry.

A career in hospitality can look extremely appealing as it breaks the traditional career modules such as going to university or college. It allows employees to learn and develop on the job with the ability to move up the career ladder a lot quicker than other industries.

Having experience in hospitality is also highly credible to a lot of employers. Jobs in this sector tend to be highly demanding and very hard work which showcases to other employers the type of employee you are.

What are my options in this industry?

Many don’t recognise the hospitality sector actually offers a broad range of career choices. A lot of job seekers aren’t aware that there is more than just going to down the stereotypical catering route. There are many sectors you can work in which include:

  • Accommodation/Lodging
  • Food and beverage
  • Entertainment

Within each of these sectors, there are many different career paths for you to choose from. From working front of house to joining an events team, your options are endless. A big bonus of working in hospitality is the ability to train up in related disciplines – the more problems you can solve, the more valuable your employer will find you. It is a fluid industry in which reskilling opportunities are vast, allowing you the chance to take advantage of more lucrative related openings when they become available.

For those who pursue a long-term career in hospitality, they tend to grow within their business and work their way up in to bigger and better positions. It can also lead to working in other roles within hospitality including people and business management.

The benefits of working in hospitality

A job within the hospitality sector affords you a variety of different benefits, many of which aren’t often conveyed to potential employees during the recruitment or induction processes.

It can offer you an excellent development path to work your way up in the sector and it will give you the essential skills to move on to others. Many roles in the industry provide on the job training and constant development allowing employees to gain a real sense of self-worth and job satisfaction. For example, you can start off as a trainee chef and work your way up through the ranks to become a head chef.

It is true that, in hospitality, no two days will be the same. It is a very diverse sector which can throw anything your way and you will never be short of surprises.  The chance to interact with people from all walks of life both boosts your feeling of job satisfaction and it delivers a real positive impact on their personal and work life.

Take the first steps in to your hospitality career

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