Sales is Sales but Hospitality is Everything Else…

Written by
Alex Lawrence (Sales Manager at Hospitality Jobs UK)

26 Jul 2019

26 Jul 2019 • by Alex Lawrence (Sales Manager at Hospitality Jobs UK)

What a difference a month makes! This is a classic fish out of water tale about “The New Guy” with no friends finding his place in a world that thrives on relationships, passion and understanding that every customer is unique. I’m essentially Ethan Hawke’s character in Training Day (without the goatee).

This started as an “A Day in the Life...” blog but as I was outlining it, I realised that everyday, despite many of the tasks being the same, is unlike the last. In light of that, this is “A Month in the Life... of the new Sales Manager at Hospitality Jobs UK - Part 1” - snappy title! 

My only experience working within Hospitality is a brief period working at McDonalds (that spawned a marriage and subsequent divorce) and a short time working as a bartender at a busy Brewers Fayre on Boscombe Pier while I was at uni in 2004. 15 years later and I’m back! 

The beauty of needing to learn this fascinating industry is that I am “being forced” to experience the best food, embrace the most amazing atmospheres and meet the most incredible people. With every phone call (when you answer!) and with every meeting, my own passion for what we are all trying to achieve grows. It’s infectious. By the end of one meeting in particular, I was ready to quit this job and start working as a Kitchen Porter just to be part of such a special team. I was under qualified though, unfortunately so I’ll have to settle with working with them instead. Whether I’m dropping in and speaking to your terrific Waiters and Waitresses or meeting a General Manager or an HR Director, I can feel how much the ongoing success of this industry means to you all.

I’ve spent the majority of my time over the last month attempting to speak to you all, to learn how your businesses work and to grab 30 minutes of your time to talk about how HJUK can work for you. The easiest part? Listening to you all speak so passionately about your work and about working with us. The hardest part? Getting you on the phone! (and stopping myself from eating lunch out EVERYDAY!)

In summary of Part 1, you’re all super passionate, my passion it growing a ridiculously fast rate and I know we are all very busy but please, if we’ve not already spoken, answer my call or email for goodness sake. 

If you want to know more or to correct my grammar or just have a chat, call me on 07909 992 396 or email me at