Interview with Janet Sellers, Head of HR UK at Louvre Hotels Group (for candidates)

02 Mar 2023

02 Mar 2023

This month we caught up with Janet Sellers, Head of HR UK at Louvre Hotels Group. Janet gives her advice to anyone interviewing for Louvre Hotels Group, explains why personality is key, and declares hospitality will shine in 2023.

Tell us about your first job in hospitality?

My first job in hospitality was as a Receptionist. I had never thought of a career in hospitality until I walked into that hotel and asked them to give me a chance. Never looked back. I took on the role of Receptionist and then on my days off I worked in other departments in the hotel to gain valuable experience, which led me to be General Manager of a 4 star, 140 bedroom hotel at 24 years old.

Has there been anyone who’s stood out as being a major influence on your career?

Definitely has to be my father, who sadly is no longer with us. He gave me solid grounding on the ethics of working, to achieve any goal you set your mind on. As a successful businessman himself, he gave me vision to never give up, and enjoy and flourish in what you are good at.

What skills do you think you need to be successful in hospitality?

Skills are very different from qualifications. To be successful in hospitality, personality is a great player. You can train to gain qualifications, however, personality towards making a difference and wanting to make a difference to customer experience is key.

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in people’s expectations of working within hospitality?

Flexibility is high on the expectations of working within hospitality and we have the ability to embrace this. Offering a work life balance, changing old working patterns and adapting is crucial.

Why should someone choose your business to work for?

Louvre Hotel Group are the second largest hospitality company worldwide. We offer personalised training for every member of our team. We are an inclusive company and very passionate about looking after our employee’s health & wellbeing. An open door, a smile, and genuinely a great team. Our retention of our employee’s shows their commitment and liking for the company.

What advice would you offer to someone coming to interview for a job in your business?

We have changed the way we recruit, and my advice to anyone coming for an interview is to be yourself, don’t hide behind that CV, which is only pieces of paper. Relax, enjoy your time, take time to know a little of the company. Smile and engage.

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

The year ahead is a year for hospitality to shine and grow. We will be embracing youth engagement to show what a career can look like within our industry. Change comes with opportunities and exciting times ahead.

What’s your worst vs best experience working in hospitality?

I don’t have bad experiences, which hopefully reflects in the number of years I have worked within hospitality, which is all my working life. Best experiences are seeing rising stars achieve their goals

What one piece of advice would you give to someone working in hospitality who wants to be successful?

My one piece of advice, working in hospitality, has to be that opportunities are open to everyone - training & promotion are there to explore. The world is there for you and your success if you show an interest. Don’t be afraid to express your wish to succeed. I started off as a Receptionist became a General Manager, then specialised in Human Resources, completing a Masters in Human Resource Management. It’s there for the taking.

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