How to Write A Great Job Advert

06 Feb 2023

06 Feb 2023

A great job advert is the foundation of your hiring process. It will not only help you to attract the most talented professionals to apply, but will also promote your company's brand and help to build a strong talent pool of potential candidates for future vacancies. It doesn't matter how many jobs boards your roles are posted on, or how attractive your salary and benefits are, if you can't showcase the role and show candidates why it's worth applying to, then you won't get the applications you need. Read on for our top tips on writing a great job advert.

  1. You have less than 10 seconds to make an impression.
  2. Make it an exciting read - candidates want to know what’s in it for them!
  3. Shout about ALL your benefits, including: bonuses, training, development, charity & well-being support.
  4. Salary is a must on adverts! 85% of GenZ won’t apply for a job if it has no salary. They will presume its minimum wage. 
  5. Talk about the shift patterns & hours.
  6. Your advert should be written with your brand tone of voice.
  7. View your advert on a phone. Does it grab your attention?

And what not to do?

Don’t - Copy and paste your job description

Don’t - Leave the salary off

Don’t - Discriminate between age and experience 

Don’t - Make it too long

We hope this helps, happy recruiting!

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