Is Your CV Holding You Back? Six CV Myths Debunked

06 Feb 2023

06 Feb 2023

Applied for hundreds of jobs and getting nowhere? Your CV is your opportunity to highlight the skills, values and experience you’ll bring to a new role. Yet so many of us are getting the basics wrong. From how it should look, to what to include, and the mistakes holding you back, we debunk some of the most common myths surrounding the perfect CV.

The Myth: Page two is a no-no

Forget this… yes, one page is plenty if you’ve had <5 years’ experience and only a couple of jobs. But, if you’ve held multiple positions then it’s unlikely you’ll fit all of that experience on to one page. Don’t be scared of venturing on to page two. It’s much more important that you show ALL your relevant experience and skills, as well as getting in as many keywords as possible (this will increase your chances of getting past the computer software before your CV gets in front of a real person), than it is cutting those characters and reducing your margins to fit on to one page.

The Myth: Snazzy templates are a must

Sure, a fancy template may grab the attention of some employers, but generally it won’t work in your favour, and here’s why. Firstly, if you’re applying with a company that uses an ATS (that’s the computer software we mentioned above), your beautifully designed template is unlikely to be compliant – that means the computer may not read your CV in the way you intended due to columns, images and icons. That’s a big risk to take for the sake of a pretty design. Secondly, if you’re using columns, boxes etc. to format your CV, it’s likely you’re making the person reading it work harder to find the information they’re looking for. And when that person has a pile of CVs to get through, do you really want to risk them passing on yours?

The Myth: List the functional aspects of the job

We’re not denying that showcasing your ability to do a job is important. It’s just not necessarily the best way to position yourself for success. How have you actually made an impact in your previous roles? What makes you unique? What were your big wins? Did you increase sales by 20%? Or perhaps you won an award? Those are the things worth shouting about to really stand out.

The Myth: Cast a wide net when applying for jobs

Firing out your CV to as many employers as possible in the hope that you’ll get some interviews is a waste of your time and unlikely to yield the desired result. Your CV should be tailored to every job you apply for. You’ve all heard that well-known saying, “quality over quantity”, well that couldn’t ring truer here. Tailoring your CV for each job you apply for allows you to align yourself with the role and put yourself in prime place for success. It’s worth taking the time, trust us!

The Myth: Employment gaps will scupper your chances

We know there are many reasons there may be gaps in your employment, or shorter roles, but there’s no need to cover these up. Whether you took some time off to start a family, went on the trip of a life time, or lost your job (like so many) during the pandemic, life happens and that’s ok… Don’t try to cover your tracks or bend the facts, transparency and honesty accounts for far more when applying for a new job. Think about adding a short explanation for why you left, or add in a personal experience section to fill in any gaps.

The Myth: Unpaid experience doesn’t count

Any experience is good experience… Does the new role require skills that you don’t have in your work experience but you do elsewhere? Put it in! Maybe it was through some volunteering you did, or a course you completed, showcase all of your relevant skills to accelerate your CV.

So, there you have it… six common CV myths well and truly debunked. We know that writing your CV is not an easy task, but taking the time to get it right really will save you time in the long run. And, more importantly, secure that dream role. Now it’s over to you… Good luck!

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