January Blues? Top Tips for Supporting Your Team This Winter

03 Jan 2023

03 Jan 2023

The novelty of Christmas has well and truly gone. The festivities, excesses and joviality already feel like a lifetime ago, and the short days and cold weather are really taking their toll. Yep, those January Blues have hit hard.

As hospitality HR professionals, it’s more important than ever to focus on your teams’ morale, happiness and overall wellbeing.

We’ve rounded up our top tips for supporting your team this winter:

Training and professional development

In the hospitality industry, we know the Christmas season is one of the busiest months. January, for most of you, is likely to provide some respite. This is a great time to focus on upskilling your staff. Training is a sure-fire strategy to keep your employees happy and excited to come to work each day, whilst sharpening their skillset.

Develop your wellness programme

A considered wellness programme helps your employees achieve their goals whilst feeling accepted and cared for in the workplace. Whether it be stress management and breathing workshops, yoga classes or subsidised gym memberships, now is a great time to firm up your wellness offering and give your staff that extra support during these gloomy months.

Team building and celebrating company wins

You probably didn’t have time to do your Christmas party pre-Christmas, so now is the perfect time to bring the team together, celebrate a successful period and reward your team for their hard work. Good food, good wine and good company will be just the ticket…

Goal setting and career progression

When’s the last time all of your employees had 1-2-1s scheduled? Empowering your line managers to get these in with their team members at the start of the year is a great way to provide focus and clear goals for individuals. Discuss their wins in the previous year for a confidence boost and set some clear objectives for progression moving forwards.

Mentoring and professional coaching

Having a mentor can really help guide and inspire your team members towards a successful career in hospitality. We've partnered with Otolo who are providing government funded mentoring and coaching programmes for hospitality professionals living and working in London. If you would like to become a mentor or roll this out within your business to your teams, you can find out more at www.myotolo.com.