At The Interview

09 Apr 2021

09 Apr 2021

Great, you’ve got that job interview - Congratulations!

At Hospitality Jobs UK, we want you to know that it is quite normal to feel nervous about going for a job interview, so we want to ensure you are prepared for any interview before you go. 

To help you prepare, we’ve put together some tips & advice on how to get the best out of your interview, from interview preparation, planning your journey, to questions you may be asked at the interview, through to obtaining feedback. 

These tips will help boost your confidence and chances of a successful interview and will leave a lasting positive impression to your potential new employer.


Get off to a good start

  • Look poised and confident as you enter
  • Smile and shake hands firmly


Be aware of your body language

  • Maintain eye contact throughout and smile at the appropriate times
  • Vary the speed and tone of your voice


Listen and Talk

  • Do not talk for longer than two or three minutes at any time (This does not sound a long time on paper – but try it!)
  • Divide long explanations into stages, inviting questions after each stage
  • Avoid very technical or very detailed explanations – unless the “recruiter” is asking very specific technical or detailed questions
  • Watch for body language as this may signal that the interviewer has heard enough


Listen attentively

  • Look interested in what the interviewer is saying
  • Do not interrupt
  • Refer back to points made to demonstrate you were listening
  • Encourage the interviewer to talk
  • Ask questions about the interviewer’s job and the employer’s needs (what are their expectations of the job holder?)


Sell yourself

  • This does not mean only talking about yourself
  • Ask questions that identify their needs, problems and situation
  • Explain how your skills and experience match their needs
  • Demonstrate how the organisation will benefit by employing you.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • You are in competition – stand out from the crowd!


After thoughts on interviews

If you’re not getting the job offers you desire then you need to look carefully at your interview performance. You should try and get as much feedback as possible from the people who have interviewed you.

If you have been unsuccessful in obtaining a job, ring up the interviewer or agency and ask them for the reasons why you were not successful and how they think you can improve.

Once you have got feedback you can modify your interview technique and will definitely do better at the next interview.