Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader – Episode 15, Kate Nicholls

22 Mar 2021

22 Mar 2021

It’s unquestionable that hospitality associations have been using their voice as part of government negotiations over the last 14 months. One association in particular is UK Hospitality, led by their CEO Kate Nicholls. Kate and her team have been absolutely pivotal in doing everything within their power to push for, and maintain government support for the broad hospitality industry.

It’s been a long road, one that isn’t quite over yet, however we do all now see the light! It seems fitting that as we are all busily prepare to re-open, we take time to reflect but also think about future days and the return to safe socialising.

That being said, what an incredible time for us to speak directly to Kate for our latest episode of Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader.

Kate shares some insight into conversations, past actions and also ambitions for completing the roadmap.

We started this series to truly get under the skin of our hospitality leaders, and frankly this entire conversation was simply educational.