Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader – Episode 14, Heydon Mizon

18 Mar 2021

18 Mar 2021

We can feel the buzz. The tide is turning, and thought processes are starting to shift.

It is just 25 days until re-opening. With it, come questions:

  • What does re-opening look like?
  • What new challenges could it bring?
  • Are we going to face a staff shortage?
  • Do we need to invest in outside areas?
  • Should we wait to open until the inside space is accessible?

We wanted to chat to a man that knows the answers. Welcome Heydon Mizon, Joint Managing Director, McMullen & Sons.

We spoke to Heydon about the choices McMullen & Sons have made, and how keeping GM’s for 126 sites in the loop without them feeling under pressure was achieved.

Heydon shares a piece of advice that all hospitality leaders can take forward, even after the pandemic is over.

Thanks for sharing your time, Heydon, and we are looking forward to enjoying your pubs very soon.