Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader – Episode 11, Mark Robson

03 Feb 2021

03 Feb 2021

We think it’s fair to say that 12 months ago, none of us would have anticipated that we’d still be in, and living through a global pandemic a year later. With uncertainty around re-open still on everyone’s minds, we’re all still looking for the sign that we can live a Great British Summer.

Of course, a huge part of our summers involves pubs, pub gardens, a cold beer, hearing laughter, and just being together.

One man who is forefront of this hope is Mark Robson, Managing Director – Red Mist Leisure and Chairman – BII, and our latest interviewee of Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader.

In this episode Mark shares his thoughts on the past, the present and the future of the pub sector.

As Mark says himself, “pubs are part of our social fabric, they have an intimate place in our hearts”.

We look forward to a beer with you soon, Mark!