Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader – Episode 8, Wendy Bartlett

07 Jan 2021

07 Jan 2021

We kick off 2021 with a fantastic episode of Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader, featuring Wendy Bartlett, Founder – Bartlett & Mitchell.

As we start the year with light at the end of the tunnel, we all have a tricky couple of months to get through before we start to really feel the light. Wendy instantly struck us with energy, very good energy, and confidence about that light.

A particular comment that stuck with us, “Hospitality is the secret success to the economy,” said Wendy, and that’s why we need a minister in government.

We fully support the petition to request a Minister for Hospitality for current and future governments – please sign, parliament will debate this petition on 11th January 2021.

As Wendy says, Hospitality will re-ignite villages with our coffee shops, restaurants and pubs, and we certainly can’t wait to be a part of that again.

Visit Seat at the Table for information on how you can get involved.