Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader

02 Nov 2020

02 Nov 2020

A leader - The person who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country.

The Hospitality industry has faced possibly its toughest year yet. We’re all aware of the repercussions we as an industry have faced and for the time being, we are not going to solely focus on them.

What we are going to do for this series of conversations, Behind the Mask of a Hospitality Leader, is talk to those who are steering the ships. It’s fair to say sometimes leaders get slightly forgotten when it comes to harder times within organisations. They are the captains and as leaders, want to lead by example…

But in such times, how do they keep going and is it just a brave face?

In our first episode, Nick Clover, Director and Co-Owner - Hospitality Jobs UK, chats to Drew Brown, Managing Director – Dominion Hospitality about his approach. Interestingly, we shot this content last week with publication due today, without knowledge of the impending announcement.

Discussions cover the resilience of the industry and its people, but also covers mental health and how media can impact thoughts, feelings and actions. Fitting, considering the changes due this week. How things change at such a rapid pace!

Their conversation is a worthy-watch. It’s a reminder that actually leader or not, we are all human and we are all going through the same storm.

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